1. JC

    Watch as the demon possesses her body…and then gets lost somewhere in there.

  2. catapostrophe

    “And for dessert dessert–my pupils and irises.”

  3. I’m shocked that more people don’t comment on her looking like Divine.

  4. So hang on a minute. Didn’t she get her stomach stapled or some other type of lazy ass weight-loss scheme? Now she’s fat again?

    Also, she most likely refers to herself as a diva. All fat black women do that.

  5. Deacon Jones

    How someone can look like this and go out in public is beyond me.

  6. Scottie

    Captain! The gastric band is under enormous pressure! It canno’ hold out much longer!

  7. There is no Star Jones. Only Dhrool.

  8. I'mCool

    The human disguise is difficult to maintain. Sometimes the camera captures the split second the creature’s concentration falters.

  9. O'chunt

    Ye Gods, she’s a zombie!

  10. zomgbie

    omg- help-me-
    get-me-out-of- here–
    demon in star jones.

  11. Urvag

    Animal prints are meant for animals for a reason!

  12. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Oh look, it falling Star Jones aka super nova

  13. cc

    No, that’s actually Planet Jones.

  14. Mark R

    I see a bad tipper

  15. Coyote

    Fat is the NEW Skinny

  16. willynilly

    This is when she is sorry she had the breast reduction! It would certainly balance her fat ass out and distract from her gut.

  17. Dick Swells

    She just ate the waiter.

  18. PoxBlanket

    Star Jones my arse. That’s a Black Ho(le) Jones if I ever saw one

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