1. Josephus

    Props to Photo Boy. It never ceases to amaze me how day after day he manages to find new tits I’ve never heard of. Women. I mean women. Because tits are people too. WOMEN are people too.


  2. Radadoon

    I mean, You couldn’t you coax a smile out of this girl with all the candy or nose candy in the world!

  3. Nothing there that a bag can’t handle.

  4. cc

    The less clothes she wears, the crankier she gets. Not promising.

  5. I recognize that facial expression – I see it on my wife all the time. Loosely translated, it means “Let’s get this over with, already.”

  6. Couldn’t find squat about this gal on either Google or Wikipedia. Anyone else?

  7. suck it

    classic butter face… and yes, I’m jelly of her tits.. they look great..

  8. Cock Dr

    Aspiring models everywhere: this is how NOT to sell crappy swimwear.
    Ya gotta look happy…happy to be at the beach, happy about how your butt looks in the bikini.
    Nice figure, but this gal seems to have a permanently constipated expression.

  9. willynilly

    Butt. er. face. Translates to, great body, ya, but.her.face ewww :(

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