1. dooood

    thank you for being a friend!

  2. EricLr

    Good, they could all use some restoration.

  3. your mom

    Cougar sandwich, heavy on the fuhmunda cheese.

    ps. fuhmunda cheese = cheese fuhmunda my balls. Or in this case, foreskin.

  4. CranAppleSnapple

    Two of these are amazingly talented. And have vaginas.
    And are old.

  5. This looks like something straight out of that Team America movie.

    • I'mCool

      I think it looks more like something out of a movie my mom would watch. That she checked out from the library.

  6. Bigalkie

    If Susan Sarandon ever went broke, she could become a GILF Porn Star legend.

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    something tells me you’ve been lying in wait for weeks for the chance to use fuhmunda cheese.

    also ‘your mom’ — dude like everybody reads it and they are all like “my mom?” fucking classic dude, fucking classic.

  8. An elderly threesome is still a threesome I guess…

  9. El Jefe

    Judging by Sarandon’s face, I am guessing he just grabbed her ass. Good man.

  10. Matty

    What is this, some kind of douche outreach program?

  11. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Goooose! I’m Adrian Grenier biatch.

  12. lily

    i used to live right near ft tryon park!! good for them, bette has done alot of great things for that part of the city

  13. The only thing missing is a VOTE OBAMA poster.

  14. it had to be said

    Looking at Sarandon’s eyes tells me exactly who’s ass Grenier’s thumb is in.

  15. cc

    Adrian’s purse is nice.

  16. I just realized why I can’t come up with anything even remotely witty…it’s because I just don’t give a fuck!

  17. Morpheus

    Not Pictured: Tim Robbins screaming he is still relevant.

  18. Fucking love Bette Midler and Susan Sarandon.

  19. Steers Predator missile……..Triple kill YES!!!!

  20. Nobody's Second Cousin

    Wow! Susan’s gone a little heavy on the eyelid surgery.

  21. Vanessa

    They look amazing, Bette must have the best surgeon. She’s like reverse aging.

  22. Marc

    Damn, the new chicks Vince is banging on Entourage are sure different then those of past seasons.

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