1. KV

    Why do I despise this woman so much ? I don’t know her and she hasn’t done anything to me. But every time I see a picture of her I throw up in my mouth. Just weird !!

  2. JC

    Finally, Kim moves into the field in which she’s always belonged: biker gang bitch porn.

  3. catapostrophe

    What pic is she going to post as a Thank You to her photo retouchers?

  4. Dick Hell

    There’s about a 40 percent airbrushed rump reduction. In the pre-Photoshop days that would have required a couple gallons of paint.

  5. Radadoon

    Enough already, there isn’t a pose or sex act this woman has not done. BORING!!!! Shameless self-promotion of pasting her own posed photos is worse that Leann rimes calling paparrazi to alert them to where she will be earing her next bikini. I am so over this stuff.

    • “…there isn’t a pose or sex act this woman has not done…”

      How in the name of Allah’s asshole do you know? You sure have posted a volume of vitriol for someone who is “…so over this stuff.”

  6. “You’re welcome?”


  7. Instagram has an “ass reduction” filter?

  8. So if Kanye’s dating Kim and Kim is a cow, does that make him a cowpoke?

  9. Deacon Jones

    I want to hate fuck her with a knife dildo like that guy in “Seven”

  10. Yup, I still would… very much… Just me and my prosthetic black penis…

  11. your mom

    I call stunt double. Also, BULLSHIT.

  12. CranAppleSnapple

    If she’s going to pose like that, does it affect the man’s interest that her eyes are dead and soulless and her face is waxy and blank? Just taking a pole. I mean poll.

  13. “I’d like to thank my publicists, my fans, photoshop and surgery for making me the person I am today.”

  14. PU

    Armo pussy smells like a camel’s asshole.

  15. MarkM

    So wait…you can do a half million dollars worth of Photoshop on Instagram?

  16. photo shopped the thong right offa her left side. whorewhorewhroewhorewhore

    • I'mCool

      Actually, the thong has slipped into a roll of fat.
      Now where did I leave my bottle of bleach … ?

  17. The Liquify Filter is the best friend she ever had.

  18. Leather is a real bitch to get pee stank out of.

  19. Bigalkie


  20. I didn’t realize it was possible to make Courtney Stodden look classy. I stand corrected.

  21. USDA Prime McBeef


  22. Evil Monkey

    I know this photo is someone’s doctoral thesis in photoshop but based on this pic alone I’d fuck her.

  23. The Brown Streak

    Not shown: The fire hydrant

  24. El Jefe

    What the fuck is this shit? This looks like some crap you see on one of those calendars that mechanics have hanging up in their shop.

  25. Lissa

    “I cried about wearing practically nothing in Playboy, but this seemed pretty appropriate for Twitter”

  26. lily

    such a shame what she has done to herself. famewhore

  27. it had to be said

    I wish she looked like this in real life. Of course, I’ve spanked it to manga, so I’ll get by.

  28. Jack Ketch

    Fuck, someone left the barn door open … again. mmmMMMMmmmmmOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Famous for being a useless slut.

  29. Anon

    I don’t see why some of you guys are praising the photoshoppers. They did an awful job.

    The size of her left thigh doesn’t match her right thight and they completely erased the left side of that leather bikini bottom she’s wearing.

    • You’re apparently not familiar with the term “perspective”. Look it up.

      • Anon

        Oh, you mean the illusion where things in the background appear smaller NOT fucking larger, dumbass? Go back to school and get better grades. Being a D student sucks doesn’t it?

      • I have no idea. Been out of school probably longer than you’ve been on this planet. BTW, I didn’t call you a dumbass, nor did I say you’re stupid. But just for the record, I was in a shitty mood that day so I apologize for the sharpness of my retort. As I look at the picture now, I see exactly what you were talking about — there is something fucked up, especially with regards to her left leg.

        BTW, suck my dick, you inbred moron!

  30. Billy Barty, Jr

    Picture title : Piss n Boots

  31. SSHGuru

    Photoshop crashed every time they tried to take more off.

  32. Bonky

    It’s nice to see she is slowly working her way up to being a Vivid Girl. Mama knew all this hard work would pay off.

  33. cc

    That thong is actually made from the spinaker from a tall ship.

  34. Glad to see she’s finally embracing her true caller as a hooker

  35. Best pic of her I’ve seen in quite a while. She may be a self-centered, gold-plated cunt, but she’s definitely doable.

  36. sassy

    The only thing that’s natural in this picture is her pose: ass up, on all fours.

  37. Archie Leach

    S . K . A . N . K .

  38. Linds

    please stop giving her attention….she’ll just go away, it’s proven (amiright paris?)

  39. Jimmy Stewart


  40. rat mcgee

    do you remember how much we used to despise that tequila chick? or maybe heidi montag and spencer pratt? and then, you bloggers would slow down writing about them, just a BIT, and they’d do something even more outrageous, even more irritating just so you’d take notice and move them back into the spotlight?


    and then you stopped talking about them… and they squirmed and they did REALLY stupid shit, and they screwed sheep (?) JUST to get you to take notice again.

    but you didn’t! and do you know what happened to them then? that’s right –

    they dried up and vanished,,, never to be seen again!

    so why can’t you do that with THIS attention whore?

    love ya, mean it;


  41. suck it


  42. Turd Burglar

    I’d eat her shit for $347,000.

  43. Nobody

    Well I for one think it’s FABULOUS that she knows how to use Photoshop. I have tried and tried, I’m useless at photo-editing. Kudos to you KK!

  44. It’s more of a thank you to Photoshop programmers and brave hair-removal specialists.

  45. Coyote

    This is How I like to get Peed On

  46. Nyx

    My first thought; Clean that pile of shit off of that couch, it hurts the resale value.
    Second thought; How in hell can your left leg start above your hip?

  47. Her boots are made of the foreskins of rap stars.


  48. HideOut

    I can’t remember – is her “flush” handle on the other side, or did they Photoshop that out, too?

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