1. Yes! Yes! all day. Every day. Sexiest woman on the planet. Bar none.

  2. arty

    I didn’t recognize her with a top on.

  3. Oh, she knows…she knows what we’re all thinking right now.

  4. father Time will smack that smirk off your face. Until then, enjoy the hotness

  5. Mike

    To quote the great Dave Attell: “Yummers!”

  6. cc

    Too much clothing. Picture rates a mere 9/10.

  7. Swearin

    How does that song go? This girl is sexy and she knows it.

  8. I’ll grant you that she’s gorgeous, but oh my christ does she look like a complete bitch.

  9. Started typing a witty comment and by mistake, came all over myself.

  10. Al Coholic

    Butter face. Great body, but butter face big time.

  11. John

    Definitely not a butt-her-face.

  12. Lou Braccant

    There’s nothing hotter than the smug look a chick will give you when she knows you want to cum on her tits…and she’ll never let you!!

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