1. cmonreally

    That’s the type of face that stares into your bedroom window at night while you sleep.

  2. Welp, thanks for the nightmares

  3. i am not being snarky, i am literally flabbergasted that man is still alive. Lawrence of Arabia came out 52 years ago.

  4. Ronaldo

    Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago….this guy was good looking. Damn it is depressing…we all get old. At least he did not go plastic surgery crazy.

  5. creemygoodness

    Lindsay’s teeth, however, have found steady work.

  6. ultra

    FREE CANDY!!!!

  7. There is gold in dem dar teeth.

  8. Mouth full of chicklets

  9. meeps!

    Zoltar Speaks!

  10. pbjelly

    And late at night once everyone is sleeping, Kris Jenner’s powerful magic wears off to reveal her true appearance.

  11. I thought he died years ago. He’s not realised he’s dropped his cigar.

  12. Okay! Okay! Seven no trump! There, I said it! Will you stop staring at me now?

  13. Sharif. Rhymes with Brown Teef.

  14. I thought Boris Karloff died years ago.

  15. “Oh no! Simon Bar Sinister has taken over the city! Will Underdog be able to save us?”

  16. He must brush his teeth with cheddar.

  17. “…the 13th warrior is a ZOMBIE!”

  18. too much hookah

  19. jep

    You really should brush your teeth after eating a mustard sandwich.

  20. cc

    Starring in ‘Topol is No Match for Turkish Coffee and Two Packs of Camels a Day’

  21. I normally point and laugh at the idiots that bleach their teeth so white they glow like they’re permanently exposed to a black light. This dude, however, falls so far on the other end of the spectrum that I now find myself in a strange quandary.

  22. MZ MIZRY

    well at least he still has his real teeth.
    i hope.

  23. Johnny Barbells

    …go fuck yourself natural aging process.

  24. tlmck

    Looks like the embalming went well.

  25. “Just a pinch between my cheek and gums…”

  26. Can I slap another Egyptian women hounding me for a autograph? Oh your white and a man?

  27. oh my fuck he use to be gorgeous

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