1. Yeah, those two are so fucking broke, right? Getting a pedicure? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t give a shit about this guy, so I focus on the Asian chick.

  3. Is this one of his “episodes” where he passes out and randomly jizzes on women?

  4. Yves

    Well shit, it is almost Fathers Day. Why not pamper myself. I deserve it.

  5. The lingerie store a couple of days ago – now a pedicure? He’s not doing a Bruce, is he?

  6. “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a pedicure today.”

  7. fred

    “So I says to her, ‘Honey, I ain’t the only one. Everybody thinks your tits look crazy. Amiright Fu Young?’”

  8. cc

    Okay, maybe I am a throwback to a different era, but a healthy male getting a pedicure is just fucking lame.

  9. Jeff

    “No one has touched me like that since Guy Fierri…”

  10. Johnny Barbells

    …the spasms are getting worse.

  11. Not what he meant by “foot job”.

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