1. It’s good to know that if famewhoreing doesn’t work out, she can fall back on her MIG/TIG certification.

  2. cmonreally

    Sure, hide the face but bust out the wonky ass nips. That’s discreet.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Daft Ho.

  4. Visor down. Nipples up.

  5. Rico Jones

    This whore will be shooting porn for Vivid in less than six months.

  6. Her left boob: “Hey, is that John Hamm on that balcony?”
    Her right boob: “Oooh, a nickel!”

  7. Hey. It’s the whore of the minute. Remember your welding visor but forget your bra? Makes sense. The benefit of wearing this stupid visor is that we can’t see the huge smile on her face.

    She’s loving every second of attention she’s getting. Her nips tell the story.

    • John

      She has a bra on – you can see the outline. Nips look a little wonkie-eyed, but I’d still motorboat them none the less.

  8. anonymous

    I googled to find out why she’s wearing that stupid mask and Google told me to stop being racist.

  9. Late for wielding class?

  10. Can we get one of these for Lindsay, Gaga, Rihanna, Courtney … can we just mass-produce these and hand them out all over Hollywood?

  11. …so, we’ve got this now? *sigh* [eyeroll]

  12. No first name, no face, why are we even – oh look, boobs!

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