1. Hopalong

    Now auditioning for the role of a young Tony Soprano.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Listen Fred, I’m not going to tell you again…

    cigarette break is 5 minutes and that’s it. Now finish watering these plants, then take the garbage out.

  3. “Can you spare some change?”

    “Fuck off!”

  4. Are we sure this isn’t Randy Quaid?

  5. Ronaldo


  6. He’d do anything for some nookie now.

  7. “Hopefully some of these people don’t know James Gandolfini is dead and they will think I am him and I can get a table at this restaurant and my meal for free”

  8. “Excuse me… I heard Russell Brand was handing out sandwiches for hand jobs.”
    “That’s tomorrow.”
    “I’ll wait.”

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