1. cmonreally

    Probably picking up a pregnancy test that Kris told her to get.

  2. I knew about Kim’s giant ass, but I didn’t realize her little sister had such a tiny head.

  3. Very Winnie Cooperish here

  4. Ronaldo

    Why do we bother with this girl.
    At least Kim had a sex tape….this one has done nothing!

  5. “Good. Let the need for attention consume you. Do not hesitate. And your transformation to the whore side will be complete.”

  6. Work that CVS catwalk!

  7. Flatliner

    This made me laugh. That is all.

  8. Well, in whoreville they say
    Kylie’s small ego grew three sizes that day.

  9. Oh yeah, her sex tape is going to be good.

  10. anonymous

    My mom’s shih tzu has the same hairstyle and acts like a bitch too.

  11. Back off guys. Her only real female role model is Bruce.

  12. jep

    Put some clothes on you dumb kunt.

  13. Because fuck pants, that’s why.

  14. What’s up with her hair?

  15. Guess none of you have ever been to LA?

    This is standard street clothes…actually a bit modest for SoCal to tell you the truth.

  16. Maria

    “Strong with the whoresense is young Jenner….”

  17. Robb7

    This is the last of the litter. She will be the BIGGEST WHORE of them all. BTW, where’s Fattie McSocks Mogul been hiding out?

  18. When did 16 year old girls start getting botox and fillers. Seriously, she aged overnight!

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