1. Who took their girls?

  2. If by “girls ” she means her tits, then yes, please bring them back. I have no idea what happened to them.

    • There’s nothing worse in the world than seeing a pair of runaway breasts wobbling alone down a sidewalk, trying not to get flattened by a passing car when they cross a busy street.

  3. Meanwhile she campaigns for the return of the poor Nigerian school girls who were abducted, Adam pleads for the return of her nice rack…

    I’d say his cause is more noble but that should be obvious

  4. Was this rally anywhere where it would do some good or is this another celebrity whinefest crying about some popular cause they have no intention of following through to the end? We get it. You care!

    • Swearin

      It was at the Federal Building in Los Angeles, I work next door. These things are always on the sidewalk, next to the off ramp of the westside’s noisiest freeway (it’s always under construction these days), on the side of one of its busiest streets.

      The only one I paid attention to was a few months ago, when every hot Venezuelan girl under 30 in L.A. was there

  5. whoregasm

    So Anne took her husband’s first name as well..?

  6. “What do we want? More girls!”

    “When do we want them? NOW!”

  7. Millis

    I don’t normally comment on this board, but I feel like I want to stand up for them a little here. Over 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from their school and the media barely talks about it, I can’t fault any celebrity for trying to put this story more in the fore front of our consciousness.

    • fuckface

      you are on the wrong site. go to yahoo or msn to spew your bleeding heart drivel. We want break ups and tits!

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Yes, bring them back so they can continue their Christian or Islamic schooling.
      These signs ought to read, Bring Our Girls & We Promise To No Longer Brainwash Them!

    • What are you even talking about? This shit has been all over the news. And is there a better testament to the featherweight convictions of the modern celebrity than rallying against a U.S. federal building in L.A. about a crime that took place in the Nigerian bush a month ago?

      Not that I doubt Anne Hathaway’s expertise on Boko Haram or the politics of sub-Saharan Africa, but you could see where some people might think other celebrities are just full of shit.

  8. GI JOE

    What a bunch of losers! “Someone do something because all I’m wiling to do is yell about it”. Why don’t you two go organize some mercenaries to find those girls since you are both multimillionaires? Maybe you should speak out about islam and their war on women if you are really concerned. Oh, they may retaliate! Better stick to criticizing Christians since they will turn the other cheek in response to your hatred.

  9. jep

    “Adam Shulman and Adam Shulman” ?????

  10. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “You were doing so well, and then PBBTTLLTLLTBBTBTLL stupid right wing bullshit fart fart fart fart” . The Superficial

    So which part of his post are you objecting to?
    (Not expecting an answer because Vox hasn’t ‘splained it to you)

    Follow link:

  11. Wait, I see a pattern here: she started up as an ingenue, then exploded into boob bonanza, then shocked us mid-fap by turning into this wiry, asexual thing, and now she’s going to rallies?

    She’s a time traveler from the sixties, you guys.

  12. Bring the girls back to where, Anne? Your mansion in LA or your loft in NYC? Oh, right, neither…

  13. She actually looks pretty good here, she needs to get incensed about jihad-fueled mass child abduction/slavery more often.

  14. j/k

    How much do you want to bet the back of that sign reads, “so we can adopt them”?

  15. marno76

    Why doesn’t michelle o. kindly ask her husband to send the goddamn navy seals in Nigeria instead of writing cartels?

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