1. JC

    Yeah, yeah, you read what I said about Kendall a couple of posts ago. She’s 17, so in most states I’m in the clear. You can fuck off.

  2. He’s staring at me right through the screen.

  3. Well with a name like “Photo Boy”, we should probably check him out.”

  4. You’ll never catch me, Hansen!

  5. cc

    Chris Hansen outside Ireland Baldwin’s house.

  6. “She told me she was eighteen!”
    “Bravo!” *claps hands* “I have never heard that excuse before! “

  7. So he just stands outside the NBC studios now, sweeping the pedophiles off the sidewalk as they come out for smoke breaks?

  8. “Perhaps you will tell the television viewers why you’re wearing a black cap with a gray shirt…”

  9. “Doug Hutchison? Why don’t you have a seat over there.”

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