1. “Oops! Better clean up all of that spilled wine before it stains the seats!”

  2. I picture the floor of that car being covered with empty beer cans and wine bottles.

  3. Robb7

    And dried vomit

  4. Nope, just Reese right now. She’s actually looking for her spoon.

  5. The design on her dress looks like spermatozoa. No wonder she’s pregnant all the time.

  6. Bill Clinton

    Chin up, Reese, things will get better.

  7. cc

    Purse by ‘Entitled’

  8. She asked the passenger seat, “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM??” right before throwing up all over it.

  9. Clown Shoes

    “Ah-rite chya’ll, pass oh-ver all them empties.”

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