1. WTF is on his feet please?

  2. Jkae

    Buzzkill, dude.

  3. Fuck is cool…these shoes ain’t

  4. Doctor_Joystick

    That’s the look of a man whose ass has been getting SMASH, SMASH, SUH-MAAASHED!

  5. cc

    Fuck is cool.

  6. Swearin

    Somewhere, the owner of Planet 8 Clothing is seeing this and wondering if any publicity is good publiclity

  7. blerg

    I gotta be honest and say this really bothers me. I got no problem talking shit for days about whatever the fuck dumb thing the moneyed elites do, but I’m not about to talk shit and denigrate the people in our society who are really down and out.

  8. Mike701

    From Zero to Hero. Then Zero,,,again…..

  9. He couldn’t post bail because he didn’t have the CASH, CASH, CUH-AAASH!

  10. Nice shoes loser!

    hah! It’s funny because he’s gonna get sooo raped.

  11. Just goes towards proving the old adage “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

  12. There are lots of boring people who spend their lives in cubicles, hunching over keyboards, paying taxes and providing for their families.
    And then there’s the swashbuckling, home-free types who like to engage in adventurous situations and brag about it on camera.
    The former are more likely to end up suffering from diabetes-related complications. The latter, well…

  13. California, you say?

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