1. CrashHell

    Oh cool. The Farrely Brothers gave her Matt Dillon’s teeth from There’s Something About Mary. Isn’t that special.

  2. ruckus

    She wasn’t even IN the competition. But, she won by 3 cakes.

  3. Food eating competitions and food fights fucking piss me off. What a waste. There are people starving everywhere.

  4. Batu Khan

    To make it interesting on this cake I sneezed twice and sat next to for 10 minutes. The CDC will pay one million to anyone who eats it and survives. They said that person might lead to a cure for Ebola.

  5. It’s always a good idea to have an trashy unwed mother be the entertainment/sick joke for a reality show about trashy brides and their trashy weddings.

  6. I give it two years before she’s hosting tractor pulls at the Podunk Iowa County Fair.

  7. Saying that this picture running for 15 episodes, would still be scarier season 2 of American horror-story; equally fails to describe the respective abundance or lack of their fear generated.

  8. Little Known Fact:
    If you take the first letter of each word in Snooki’s name, Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” Polizzi, it says NESP, which is the Tibetan word for “stupid cunt.” Coincidence? I don’t think so…

  9. I thought she was promoting Stay Puft Veneers.

  10. Still looks like a roasted turd.

  11. Attendees were left speechless when she cut the cake with her microphone and spent the rest of the event talking into her knife.

  12. I wish she would do what I was thinking she should do with that knife.

  13. Pete

    Go away Snooki – you may have lost weight and bought some new teeth, but you’ve gotten even uglier.

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