1. Little kid in the middle: “I can’t believe I’m peeing on a mayor’s feet!”

  2. Johnny P!

    “Right… so I lift my arms gracefully like this, then kick the child I think is most likely to wind up on the dole into the pool? Shouldn’t be too hard…”

  3. All the other children wearing goggles, except the black kid….
    Yeah, tell me he wasn’t put there for “diversity”

  4. CrashHell

    All of these kids belong together

    All of these kids are kind of the same

    But one of these kids is not like the others

    Now it’s time to play our game

    It’s time to play our game.

  5. j/k

    FYI: Boris Johnson is probably the coolest politician ever. youtoob some videos of him.

    • Nonsense. Rob Ford eats Boris Johnson for lunch.

      Video pending.

    • Pine Table Fever

      He is not. The man is a complete buffoon and only in politics for self-interest and personal gain. An abortion of the self-fucking class system in the UK, he and his family use position and privilege to make sure they get their way no matter the cost to others.

      The man has no idea how the real world operates and instead relies on jokes and clowning to gloss over the fact he has no principles, policies, or political ideals other than making sure his peer group remain in positions of influence. In other words, he is a prime cunt and should be destroyed.

  6. Sanity

    Fucking little monkey, tired of seeing these black shits everywhere. GTFO back to your africa already.

  7. Nonnie Moose

    So when the Muslims come to chop our heads off in the streets, we hold our hands up like this to block them, you say?

    Couldn’t we just throw them one of these children to distract them while we run away?

  8. You’re not angry, you’re just pointing…I know you, I know you, I know you…

  9. Bob

    Swimmer #1: On a Japanese game show, this move is called the ‘Nutcracker’.
    Boris: Ah yes, it does remind me of the ballet.
    Swimmer #2: Ballet?
    Kid in front:

  10. I’ve got dibs on the cute swimmer on the right.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      She’s got bruises on her legs. You sure you wanna go where Chris Brown has already been?

  11. Cock Dr

    I am digging the mayor’s hair. It looks so soft and fluffy.

  12. The pictures were a lot more awkward when they were all dressed alike.

  13. Ok, so when do I get to kick the little runts into the pool?

  14. Deina

    But you didn’t say “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha his name’s JOHNSON”!

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