1. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Did she subscribe to the Kelly Osbourne “doucheiest boyfriend ever” book of boyfriends (or is that try to look like boys and fail)

  2. Jake

    Should have stuck with the married billionaire.

  3. This is the kind of photo that gives hope to millions of douchey guys everywhere.

  4. What was the last movie she was in? I completely forgot she existed.

  5. The face of a woman who still hasn’t accepted this is the best she can do.

  6. cc

    I am sure he ‘has a sense of humor’.

  7. Hipster shades of grey

  8. MayorMcCheese

    Gee Tom. That’s quite the cameltoe.

  9. scummy and grungy looking…not a fan

  10. Why does her name remind me of a crayon color? Maybe “Self-Important Yellow”?

  11. Nice tits. Now scrub those two down with Grandma’s Lye Soap and a fire hose!

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