1. I hate you Orland Bloom.Imagine waking up to her naked each morning. “Sobbing”
    Oh FISH I would never hurt your Mother nor even put her in a cage!
    Sexual deviant but I love my mum also.

  2. JC

    Knowing that this is NOT what I get to wake up to each morning will mean that from now on, each day, my pillow will be just a little bit wet when I wake up. From tears. And drool. Possibly a little semen.

  3. She is physical perfection. End of story. Legolas definitely enjoys shooting his arrows at that target.

  4. Cock Dr

    Is her success due to her looking like she’s 15?

  5. Speaking of hot babes who’ve had kids, what’s the over/under on when Kate Gosselin and Octomom drop their Sapphic love tape?

  6. Batu Khan

    So this is what it looks like when a beautiful woman wakes up next to you… or any woman. On an unrelated topic anyone has a noose I could borrow?

  7. This photo should be in the dictionary under sexy.

  8. Pat C.

    With a printer and some tape, I also could wake up every morning to that.

  9. cc

    Waking up next to that even an atheist like me might start thinking God was smiling down on him.

  10. MayorMcCheese

    On the other hand, if I woke up next to Orlando Bloom, my uterus would explode.

  11. She is just lovely.

  12. Krazee Thug Nutz

    Good morning, now fix me a sandwich. No wait, blow me…then fix me a sandwich.

    • I suggest you bookmark this post, in case you ever end up wondering how you got to the end of your life without knowing the touch of a woman you didn’t have to pay for.

      • Sorry to burst that bubble, but there’s no such thing as a woman who’ll touch you without you having to pay for it. Whether you buy her dinner or something, or whether she comes back to torture your ass, you’ll pay for it somehow. Financially or emotionally.

  13. josh

    3/10 would not bang

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