1. Don’t worry, he can lose the weight by making something out of a wad of chewed gum, a hairclip and a Playboy magazine from 1984.

  2. More like “Big Mac-Gyver” AMIRITE?!?

  3. cc

    He should MacGyver a lap band.

  4. Looks like the only thing he can’t escape is aging.

  5. “I’m sorry Richard but you can’t fit thru the Star-gate!”

  6. Patty and Selma are going to be thrilled to find out he’s in their league now.

  7. EricLR

    “General, we need you back with the Stargate Program!”

    “I can’t do it.”

    “Is it because you’re still conflicted about the tough moral decisions you had to make back then?”

    “No, I can’t fit through the stargate.”

  8. capn o

    McGyver…the bomb is going to go off in ten seconds! What do we do?!

    Don’t worry. Quick, hand me that ChapStick…and that rubber band…and some aluminum foil. Presto! Seven layer dip! Hope you brought chips…because this bag is all mine!

  9. Apparently a fan of dead gay Formula 1 pilots…

  10. …and then MacGyver took a paperclip, some duct tape, and a tablecloth and made an old fat man.

  11. Nut bra

    I took some sugar, whipped cream, chocolate, and jelly…..

    ….and made some pies.


  12. Bishop


  13. Margaret


  14. Margaret


  15. I think he looks pretty good for 64 years old.

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