1. cc

    ‘Haha, of course, we’re all straight, you little scamp.’

  2. Maria often asks people to punch her in the stomach to see how strong her abs are. I’m not joking. She did it on “Conan” a while back.

    I wonder if she’s interested in finding out how strong her butt is. I’m not going to punch it (unless she asks me to), but what I will do does involve a thrusting motion.

  3. coljack

    “So, guys, show me what you’d do at the end of a really successful first date!”

  4. What a piece of ass she is.

  5. In a cruel trick of science the polarity created by Maria clenching her two big ol’ ass cheeks together created a powerful magnetic field which caused a 200lb topless gay dancer to almost touch her, after which she involuntarily punched him. In some street cultures this is known as the Menounos Maneuver.

  6. I hope a fight doesn’t break out on set…someone is liable to get slapped to death.

  7. Nick Carter’s all over the place. Dude is multi-talented.

  8. fuckface


  9. Odbarc


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