1. Mike

    She’s gonna keep doing her usual shit unless we stop talking about her and indulging her addiction for attention. Just saying, it’s just pathetic at this point.

  2. Wrong tagline.

    Should read: “Lindsay Lohan leaving the Chiltern Firehouse in London COMPLETELY SOBER.”

  3. where are the tits? are they sagging that bad that they’re in her lap? drugs ‘r bad mmmmkay.

  4. How’s that sobriety going? Good? Good.

  5. Definitely sober. As sober as a monk.

  6. Can we all just agree that’s her mouth’s normal resting position?

  7. cc

    Clearly, her rehab was a roaring success.

  8. Cock Dr

    Sometimes the burning sensation would abruptly become too much for her to bear, even through the drug and alcohol haze.

  9. I would rather she not be leaving the Chiltern house fire.

  10. Swearin

    “Oh shit, she’s going to sneeze! Someone get a huge bag and make sure the cops don’t pull us over!”

  11. Little Tongue

    You cannot wear high heeled snowshoes in London and pretend you’re sober. Sorry, Linds.

  12. EricLR

    Driver: “I’m not allowed to speed, ma’am.”

    Lindsay: “No, it’s okay to speed. I just had a miscarriage.”

  13. Speech balloon:

    “Only another 300 blowjobs and we can begin pre-production on “Inconceivable”"

  14. Goddamn, Goldie Hawn is really starting to show her age.

  15. Nut bra

    She looks like she might sneeze…..

    Everyone run!! This is how the world ends.

  16. Bishop

    Taken just a second before she sneeze-farted-sharted

  17. “I’s LiNzTY zLO an!
    mOve thaat foOts!.
    i waNn A parK heres!

  18. anonym

    Used to be hot in Mean Girls.

    Now look at her. She fell apart quick.

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