1. More like “Rob Kardashian pulling up to the gym before going ‘fuck it’ and driving off for a few cheeseburgers.”

  2. Little known fact: His gym has an awesome snack bar.

  3. “Gym” is street for “Hometown Buffet”

  4. Since when is “drivethru” spelled “G-Y-M”?

  5. “Rob Kardashian ate the gym”

    Fixed it.

  6. A drive-thru gym? Man, those people in LA thought of everything.

  7. ” Out of the way fuckers there is a Krispy Kreme that needs eating!”

  8. Jesus H. Christ

    Get better Rob. I know how tough it can be to be stuck in a vicious cycle of depression and emotional eating. Being a pothead always makes that shit way worse too.

    Prayin’ for you dude.


  10. EricLR

    Was the gym having a 2-for-1 deal on cheeseburgers?

  11. No way–I go there too!

  12. Little Tongue

    “Women. Women legs. Legs. Chicken legs. Chicken. KFC. Yummmmm,”

  13. Deacon Jones

    (Now that I did 30 minutes of cardio, I DESERVE to eat fast food for the next 3 days)

  14. Why is he even going to the gym? He got in all his cardio for the day just getting in the car.

  15. Must be Pizza night at Planet Fitness.

  16. He’s such a fat tub of fuck it’s easy to overlook what a lame beard attempt he’s got going on.

  17. yourmom

    We’re gonna need a bigger gym.

  18. dennis

    If sitting in your car is considered being at the gym in Los Angeles then I can tell my doctor to get off my case. I’ve been going to the gym before and after work- five days a week for years now.

  19. Nut bra

    Eating his way through LA is probably pretty tame, all things considered. If I was related to that family I would go for the hard drugs.

  20. At some point you just know he is going to eat all the leather in that car. Here is a thought, if you are as fat as he is, walk to the gym or ride your bike there.

  21. Damn thumbnail image – I had the perfect Jonah Hill joke.

  22. “If I painted myself purple to look like Grimace, could I eat at McDonald’s for free?”

  23. Wow, never saw a gym with wipers and a dashboard.

  24. He dropped in to cancel his membership.

  25. poorguy

    I really feel for this dude. He obviously was a mistake! He was born into a family of all girls that has made all the men in their lives either die or go away. He’s already gone he just doesn’t know it yet! He has NOTHING to offer that family, NADA! At least the other guys in the loop get pussy, this guy can’t even get THAT!

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