1. Those cutouts weren’t there when she bought the shirt. They were added so she could breathe in it.

  2. Now where did I put that six pack of snickers…

  3. What a nice picture of an attractive woman. Come on, who is that really?

  4. I think she’d be able to fit in the car park a lot better if she reversed in.

  5. Waiting on the cattle truck.

  6. Those sandals were 6-inch stilettos when she left the house this morning.

  7. cc

    Kicking her ass would be fun. I don’t mean beating her up…I mean kicking that great big ass.

  8. EricLR

    Damn, I was SURE I left my sense of shame and dignity in here.

  9. dennis

    It’s kind of funny how everything in the picture is leaning toward the side where her huge ass is.

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