1. One of the few young hipster dudes who doesn’t make me nauseous.

  2. Nah, the beard isn’t working.

  3. “What are you doing today?”

    “Oh nothing. Just hanging at the Variety Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Palihouse.”

  4. Swearin

    This live-action Inspector Gadget reboot is going to suck

  5. Little Tongue

    “Don’t look, but I think Photo Boy is right behind you.”
    “THE Photo Boy? Lemme…”
    “I said DON’T LOOK, BITCH!”

  6. EricLR

    Save us, Old West Fonzi!

  7. “no…nobody has ever called me bitch before. that…that is a new one”

  8. gumbypokey


  9. “Was I in a movie called Need for Speed?… No. I was in Breaking Bad. I never heard of that other movie.”

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