1. catapostrophe


    “Kevin Bacon wearing a hat on a boat.”

  2. Ponkur

    Maria Shriver is looking better.

  3. I thought Día de los Muertos was in November? What’s up with the skeleton costume?

  4. m

    anyone notice that her face looks remarkably and disturbingly like Michael Jackson? maybe it’s the sunglasses and aloof expression…

  5. Steelerchick

    Wow Cameron Diaz has taken this diet thing way too far.

  6. i stink

    thizz face

  7. Her conscience is literally eating her away.

  8. she could still drop a few more pounds


  10. In other news, Bat Boy’s mother was found in Mexico.

  11. desabrey

    “Okay honey, do your David Caruso imprssion for me again!”

  12. Raerae

    Brilliant! She’s chewing on the inside of her own face to squash hunger while avoiding calories!

  13. Grace

    “Told you bitches I was eating: my face, that is!” Love, LeAnn

  14. hot rod

    she’s eating her only sustenance: CUM

  15. Leann Rimes and Michael Jackson, Jackson and Rimes, Rimes and Jackson, Rimes-Jackson, Jackson-Rimes…That’s it! Rimes IS Jackson. Jackson IS Rimes. Rimes is a man. Oh my god, Rimes is a man! (cue Crying Game music)

  16. Her clavicle and ulna turn me on. Her humerus and radius could use some work, but you can tell she’s put some time in on the femur.

  17. cc

    She’s tucker her daily allotment of calories (a Lifesaver) into the corner of her mouth and is getting her money’s worth.

  18. baron of all media

    I can’t tell if her shoulders are too big, or her waist is too small. All I know is her boobs are juuuuuuuuuust right!

  19. UnholyKrep

    “Well shoot- another f*ckin’ molar fell out. Scurvy? What do you mean?”

  20. kimmykimkim

    Well she’s obviously not picking food out of her teeth, so my money is on a little piece of her own stomach from her most recent purge – which was 1.2 seconds before this picture was taken.

  21. VerucaSalt

    She looks like an Andes plane crash survivor but still looks a hell of a lot more manly than Beiber in a bathing suit.

  22. The Critical Crassness

    i wonder which deck boy’s cum she is using for mouthwash in this picture..Juan, Jesus or Martin?

  23. Hey you guys are so insensitive! Scoliosis is no laughing matter. We must search for the cure

  24. whiskeyafternoon

    why does she look like this? shirt, angles, etc.

  25. whiskeyafternoon

    or, this could be Madonna a while ago when she was 83 years old. before she drank the undead serum.

  26. toxic avenger

    She’s gotten way too skinny. She was looking ridiculously hot like 6 months ago; nice and toned. Now, skin and bones.

  27. I, for one, am glad Carrot Top slimmed down a bit.

  28. Anorexic linebacker with boy hips.

  29. Shorty80

    Every time a pic of her, all I see is her head, shoulders, and implants. Was she in an accident and cut in half? It’s like she’s propped up by a coat rack. Eat something you skank.

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