1. Jeremy Feist

    So’s my penis right now, but you don’t see it wearing a condom with its feelings emblazoned on it now do you?

  2. so what

    “Bad” to be able to dress herself

  3. Richard McBeef

    And now we know what happened to those two missing Buckingham Palace guards.

  4. fleshpeddler

    I’m agreeing.

  5. Jill

    This reminds me of that scene in European vacation where they all try on all the fasionable clothes in Italy but end up looking even more out of place. Only this trainwreck of an outfit was defnitely made in America.

  6. Steelerchick

    The Beast!!!

  7. mike

    left the salon for a smoke in the middle of her wax apparently

  8. I don’t think “BAD” is the three letter word that belongs on that shirt.

  9. christ, shave your feet

    • vlad

      It’s the latest Jersey fashion to shave just your upper legs…unless you’re a dude, then you shave your entire body and have someone punch you in the face

  10. Cock Dr

    Other words/phrases would be more appropriate, but this will do.
    The US may have to do some diplomatic damage control with Italy after this gang’s visit. Let’s send the embassy a fruit basket, and a list of MTV executive’s names & home addresses.

    • Put this note in the card:

      “My boots are less hairy than your mama’s backs. Love, Snooki”

      Then we can sit back and watch everything sort itself out.

  11. Codot

    Does the carpet match the boots? I hope we never find out.

  12. Hugh Jass

    They misspelled the word fat on her shirt.

  13. A miniature Sasquatch has been sited in Italy

  14. Burrito Supreme

    I’m sure the back of the shirt says: @ dieting, personal hygiene, showing any sign of class, dignity or self respect, choosing men, and reality TV.

  15. Hatemeimirish

    Insert hobbit joke here.

  16. Ponkur

    It’s like they shaved an ewok, and only got down to its shins.

  17. It had to be said

    Michelangelo’s David just facepalmed as she walked by. Keats rose from the grave to remove all references to Florence and the Arno from his poetry. This is not going well.

  18. Uncle Jemima

    She’s so fat and folded that shirt actually says “I’m BloAteD”.

  19. I want to ride that. The Vespa in the background that is.

  20. cc

    The sweet, sweet aroma of stale cigarette smoke, simmering feet, and greasy sweat. That’s ‘BAD’ alright.

  21. DeucePickle

    It does have an “A” in the middle though.

  22. The Winchester

    C’mon, Snooki, at least try and make it a challenge for us to mock you.

  23. sly

    Bitch, you is bad!

  24. bonkey dalls

    She misspelled FAT.

  25. Shawn

    I can’t believe how many fucking people look up to this moron and her greasy band of morons…

  26. Ash Fisher

    Cousin It was last seen dressing like a retard. More at 11.

  27. ad nasuem

    I thought she had lost weight. This chick was skinny for a day.

  28. The Critical Crassness

    Snooki has to be bad…otherwise she would never be able to wear those boots in public.

  29. Matty

    The back of that shirt had better say “at fashion”.

  30. VerucaSalt

    I guess this is Obama’s revenge for the Amanda Knox trial.

  31. Milf

    This just in: The Italian authorities saw this photo and have executed Amanda Knox.

  32. Cam

    And now we know Snooki just shaved.Definitely the most creative use of excess pubic hair I’ve ever seen.

  33. Anon

    “I’m bad?” Yes. At making decisions.

  34. CptCreep

    I knew hobbitts had hairy feet but this is just ridiculous!

  35. SteakTarTar

    Umm…exactly -when- does the season open on these?

    Is there a limit or perhaps a bounty?

  36. Jovy

    You know how she can afford this crap? Because people keep giving her money. Why do people keep giving her money? I’m dead serious what does she do that has any value/worth?

  37. whiskeyafternoon

    apparently, H&M in Italy has a totally different selection.

  38. Vaffanculo, stronza.

  39. Her chalice of muffcabbage doth runneth over.

  40. Arzach

    Someone shaved that Ewok holding it from the legs

  41. fartbucket

    When Michael Jackson released Bad, Weird Al released Fat. Not her fault she grabbed the wrong shirt, she is from the Jersey Shore after all.

  42. Kaybekay

    Finally, honest advertising.

  43. Me: You wretched wookie-whore!
    Silvio Berlusconi: Hey, who’s the fox?!

  44. noooooooo

    Snooki in Florence. Not pictured, Dignity.

  45. Did she collect her shavings of her wildebeest exterior to make those boots?

  46. coherent

    Can someone shoot this bear already?

  47. arnieblackblack


  48. amanda

    i always knew she was a hobbit

  49. Michelle

    Fuck will someone tell her she looks bad.

  50. The back says “at portion control”.

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