1. alex

    These two look PERFECT together. Just check out his shapely eyebrows….And her busted up face.

  2. donkeylicks

    Sure she’s got big tits but she sucks as a ventriloquist, I totally saw her mouth move!

  3. All they need is Jaden Smith there and we could have a trifecta of confusion.

  4. This dude has PAST the border of being metro to now being just foppish.

  5. caley

    As Roger Matthews begins the slow descent into being America’s own Ricky Gervais…minus the wit.

  6. I haven’t see a guy groomed that well since RuPaul took off his costume.

  7. PtC

    Holy douchebrows

  8. “What the hell is that?”
    “I don’t know WHAT that is!”
    “Oh, I know what that is!”
    “What the hell WAS that?”

  9. 6 months from now, you won’t be able to tell who is who

  10. A surprise G.E.D. exam for their new reality show.

  11. Botox: You won’t be supposed with how horrible you look, you will just look like you are.

  12. Looks like some dropped a math bomb.

  13. Looks like someone dropped a math bomb.

  14. BbyBluThghHghs

    What, exactly, is a ‘Roger Matthews’?

  15. In unison: “Girl, that bitch did NOT just say that!”

  16. KtothaJ

    Aahhh, now I understand it when people say that some owners look like their dogs.

  17. cc

    Ladies if your man spends twice as much time on personal grooming as you do….move on.

  18. There are countless ways to fuck up the very concept of facial hair, and he’s spent years researching them all.

  19. Also, stop it dude. Fat is not the new buff, it’s just fat.

  20. icu

    That awkward moment when you catch your reflection and have a self revelation “Oh man! I should do a murder suicide pact with this thing to my right and rid the world of our evil, servile douchiness. WE ARE what’s wrong with this world. WE ARE the stains in ‘Merica’s collective underwear. I’m gonna get on this as soon as…Hey look babe! PIZZA!!!! NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM!”

  21. That’s the most human expression I’ve seen JWoww display in public in years.

  22. Hopeless Romantic

    Dumb and Dumberer. Now shooting.

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