1. Smapdi

    “Listen mate, don’t tell anyone, but I’ll give $100 if you smuggle me a double cheeseburger with bacon.”

  2. “Bad touch! Bad touch!”

  3. “Help!…I need somebody…”

  4. Even though he knew it was Paul McCartney, Mark’s entomophobia left him trembling with dread.

  5. Big Toe

    Is it me or has Paul McCartney turned into Angela Lansbury?

    He should write a song called “Murder, She Wrote”. Would be very fitting.

  6. With a name like “Featherstone-Witty” he either runs a clown college or is a retired gay porn star.

  7. So he IS sucking the youth out of people to stay alive!

  8. Love. Love me dude.

  9. Nicholson recoils from McCartney’s untoward advances.

  10. “I know it was you, Witty. You BROKE MY HEART!”

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