1. Ronaldo

    Nice booty

  2. Frank Burns

    “Just what do you mean by ‘Can I see my career from there’?”

  3. Looking for the father of her next child.

  4. Keep looking through the binoculars. We will just enjoy the view from the back.

  5. She might be the second-tier product of a long over, idiotic pop group, but Mel B keeps it poppin;.

  6. There’s an urban legend that if you were to drop a penny off the deck of the Empire State Building, by the time it reached street level, it would STILL bounce off of Mel B’s ass.

  7. richie

    Mel B rocks.

  8. If this is what all of that stupid music distilled, I’m okay with it.

  9. Mel B. is one hot 40 year old.

  10. Nothing scary about that.

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