1. Did his hair stand up when she grabbed him by the mouse?

  2. I call this the whack on, whack off technique.

  3. Batu Khan

    Can’t take my eyes off that cleavage. Maybe music will help… Bow chicka wow wow…. DAMN!

  4. So this is what the singer from A-Ha is up to.

  5. caley

    “Your powers of Whoredom have no affect on me…C’mon! Seriously, look at my hair! I’m as gay as springtime.”

  6. “Aw…c’mon….I’ll lower my voice and talk about Jennifer Lopez while you do me from behind”

  7. Avril Lavigne’s mom is really into karate beginners.

  8. killer

    How is this ok? Sexually assaulting this man and no one bats an eye but when Chris Brown punches a girl everyone loses their minds.

  9. Shawn

    She shouldn’t mess with that guy… he just went Supersayan.

  10. Big Toe

    “In the Words of Cosmo Kramer, “Ca…Ca…Cat-Fight!”

  11. For the benefit of youngsters, and us foreigners, what did she do to become famous and when?

  12. cc

    Well, I spent quite a few years in martial arts, and let me tell you women that it a guy grabs you, that’s just about the best place to grab back. Remember though, once you’d got a firm hold TWIST don’t pull.

  13. lawn

    Can I fight her next?

  14. Phoebe Price: now with Kung Fu grip.

  15. Craig Kilborn sure has fallen on hard times…

  16. tlmck

    To her surprise, it was only one of his nunchucks.

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