1. Monsignor Nelson

    “Selena Gomez’s new CD is available now
    … at a railroad station near you!”

  2. And by “Plug” they mean “this is literally how we insert thoughts into her head – through the same hole they come out of.” I hope the next gerenation will at LEAST have a hidden USB slot.

  3. caley

    Ripa: “Oh my God, I didn’t know she was a singer!”
    Gelman: “Well, she isn’t…but we still have to plug her CD.”

  4. If she closes her mouth she will forget where her food goes.

  5. KELLY: “And be sure to buy “Available Now,” a new CD by Selena Gomez!”

  6. Big Toe

    Schnozzy Osbourne.

    If you paint that guys nose blue. It can be used as the fin is Jaws reboot.

    I’m an ass. I shouldn’t make fun of falcon. At least he can smoke in the shower and/or when it rains.

  7. She looks like he used the wrong definition of “plug.”

  8. I’d plug Selena Gomez too.

  9. lawn

    Bieber could plug her CD — it would be a perfect fit.

  10. I’d plug both Kelly and Selena.

  11. smoozy

    plug selena’s new self branded butt plug

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