1. ksmack

    And who is this douche again?

  2. Not pictured: The car is blocking Aaron sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus.

  3. Rico Jones

    Spending his money wisely I see.

  4. Batu Khan

    Driving a Lamborghini will not make you a douche. Being Aaron Paul will.

  5. Chris Brown said he could take his car for a spin if he agreed to fill it with premium and get the blood and mascara stains off his seats.

  6. cc

    The Lamborghini brand has gone to shit. It’s time for me to switch to McLaren.

  7. I always wanted a Lamborghini, but then when you see the kind of people that drive them and how they look driving them, I begin to think I don’t. It is virtually impossible not to look like a douche driving one.

  8. Seems like he’s Breaking pretty Good there.

    (See what I did there? I’m funny.)

  9. JJ

    adventador is better

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