1. “So, tell me more about this… shaving.”

  2. Mojitos and red wine at 7:00am…”So Dean, how is the career going?”

  3. “Pink. And yes, I like pink very much, Hoda.”

  4. reinhard heidrich

    what is a Hoda? what is a Kotb? is that a real name??sounds like a bad acronym

  5. They pulled him out of his box/house and promised him all the hooch he could chug before 10am to co-host. It’s known as the standard Gifford deal.

  6. CrashHell

    She’s like the female version of Gob Bluth.

  7. This chick always looks like she sat on a tack.

  8. Up, up and away. Right Dean?

  9. “More wine?”

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