1. Jill

    her butt is so perky it looks angry… enjoy gentlemen?

  2. Rick

    You have to appreciate a dress that clings to her curves like that.

  3. cc

    I hope that thongs never go out of fashion.

  4. She’s got a nice backyard.

  5. mamamiasweetpeaches

    That right buttocks tryin to escape, Britney!

    (Im aware its not Britney)

  6. EricLr

    Whose grandmother knitted that dress?

  7. Evil Monkey

    It takes curves to make such a dress look good. I like!

  8. Jennifer, there was a time I would offer to buy you a drink. But since I don’t drink anymore, how about a condo on the French Riviera?

  9. Grandma done knitted that girl a nice dress.

  10. FattyMcGee

    “That ass, so beautiful. So… so beautiful. They should have sent a poet.”

  11. Take a good look, London. This is the ass that should have launched a thousand web pages.

  12. Looks like two puppies raslin under grannys finest doily. I just wanna give it a hug, with my penis.

  13. El Jefe


  14. lily

    shes got a nice body!

  15. The word “Biel” came to mind when I saw the thumb but this is so, so much better.

  16. That’s a very fuckable ass.

  17. Today we give thanks for Jennifer Lawrence’s ass.

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