1. it had to be said

    Pretty sure her tattoo says “I am why you hate us.”

  2. stacy

    So thats where the terrorist are starting to hide the bombs.

  3. More like ‘Dairy and the Hendersons’, amirite?

  4. cc

    Her real eyebrows fled.

  5. What not to do after giving Adrian Grenier a handjob.

  6. something like

    stinky smell

  7. Cock Dr

    This is the Final Five isn’t it?
    Ah fuck.

  8. Kim Jong Kadashian

    No problem with this one. Honey are there any more towels

  9. clucky

    Even the strap is twisting and turning like hell!

  10. clucky

    What Sharpie color is that? Basic Brown?

  11. clucky

    She’s a mess! Arabic writing, Chola brows, Playmate tits, 80′s nails.

  12. I’ll bet the TSA just loves the tattoo…

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