1. it had to be said

    It looks like she’s wearing a blonde wig. Although, it is France, maybe she just went for the Marie Antoinette look.

  2. cc

    She should never have left the beach.

  3. Rick

    Paula Deen, in an alternate universe…

  4. Elvira with a bleach bottle.

  5. Tom

    For some reason she look “hairy” in this picture. Like she has a mustache. Anyone else seeing this??

  6. I love looking at cleavage and this lady has a beautiful pair of cleaves.

  7. I prefer her in a bikini….I eagerly await a nip slip.

  8. USDA Prime McBeef

    it’s almost like she wants me to fuck her.

  9. The Phantom

    Her face reminds me of those ridiculous Little Miss America contestants. All the facial features of a 6 year old. No hip, legs like sticks. If it wasn’t for those floppy tits probably she wouldn’t be famous.

  10. Evil Monkey

    I don’t see why people like her. By not seeing I mean her covered up tits.

  11. Lion-o

    Cute but majorly overrated. Small tits compared to her big frame.

  12. Jade

    And then to think this is how she looks with the help of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers…

  13. lily

    why is she EVERYWHERE? oh right, the massive tits. i just want to grab those chubby cheeks, her face is so round and she reminds me of a cherub

  14. journalschism

    Was it Dr. Zhivago Night or something?

  15. Jason

    She’s really a beautiful woman. I actually like the Victorian style of this look. She’s not all fake tits and spray-on-tan… This is conducive to my interests.

    • Jason

      Well… spray-on tan, at least. But her fake tits are rather tastefully done.

      • Sorry, dude, they’re real.

      • Devilish Diva

        Dude, I wouldn’t be surprised that her boobs are fake. A high percentage of breast implants droop. Unfortunately, it happened to a friend of mine. She didn’t want highly-placed bolt-ons but she didn’t expect them to droop almost to National Geographic tribal woman levels.
        Moral of the story: Ladies, DON”T GET IMPLANTS!!!

  16. Glenys

    Mars Attacks!

  17. Quijibo


  18. Tom

    Aside from the tits, she’s kinda below average for Hollywood, or a model, or whatever it is she does.

  19. awhitedude

    anyone else find all those moles kinda gross?

  20. Mama Pinkus

    she’s another Katy Perry

  21. Shitz

    Yeah, she looks like dog shit. She’s already got a little ms piggy face, and she will be ugly as all get out in about 5-10 years when the youth leaves her skin. Bleh.

  22. asdf

    Umm…big shindig and she can’t even break out the bottle to lighten her roots??

  23. blueballs

    I don’t get the hype. Her face is about a 6 ..kinda looks like a cabbage patch her body isn’t all that great either. Odd stomach/hip area:(

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