1. Cock Dr

    For this guy every day is a gorgeous Friday afternoon.
    Until she kills him.

  2. “Don’t look now but your grandmothers staring at us.” “Just act normal and wipe the Ben Gay off your mouth.”

  3. theoriginal LJ

    So here’s a guy who had his last kid with his 30 something wife when he was 70, divorced her in 2008, and now has a 30 something girlfriend. Probably powered by blue pills, this guys still gets more ass in a week than most of you guys get in three months.

  4. Skarett

    He doesn’t always bang hot chicks but when he does he makes all the internet kiddies jealous.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  5. mbcl

    “Haha can you smell the Dos Equus ?

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