1. Wow. This looks like a Photoshop spoof.

  2. So they finally got a MacGyver Macy’s Day ballon?

  3. hijkmno

    it appears duct tape has more calories than anybody ever suspected.

  4. Cock Dr

    It looks as though he’s been sampling much of the fine German cuisine over there….perhaps bratwursts & beer?

  5. Well this was bound to happen… Couple depression with an ability to pick any lock and you’ve got this….

  6. JC

    There must be at least three Goa-uld symbiotes in there.*

    *Yeah, I went with the Stargate joke instead of MacGyver joke. And yes, I do live alone, how did you know?

  7. Looks like he’s been making bombs from cream cheese frosting and hot links.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Stick a fork in me Death, I’m done”

  9. mrsmass

    between this and the Sean Connery picture, I’m not sure what’s going on here today.

  10. “Mr. Burghoff, what has life been like for you after M*A*S*H?”

  11. Joe Mamma

    Duct tape can fix anything but a pie-hole.

  12. Sheppy

    Looks happy though :)

  13. Mwaddams

    Holy crap, I thought it was Meat Loaf. Paradise by the buffet lights.

  14. Smapdi

    With nothing more than duct tape and a swiss army knife, McGyver was able to break into every bakery and pie shop in Duesseldorf.

  15. AndrewMacCloud

    Even MacGyver his Swiss Army Knife + lots of duct tape +bubble gum can’t fix this Mess..

  16. Everyone leave him the fuck alone. This man practically raised me.

  17. Mark Ruffalo’s beensucking Helium again

  18. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    No worries, this is a man who can do a gastric bypass with nothing but a butter knife and a paperclip.

  19. Jill

    It’s a sad day when even Selma and Patty Bouvier wouldn’t.

  20. metoo

    And they say black is slimming…

  21. GR

    Fedcon? More like fatcon *rimshot*

  22. Trapper

    The residents of Dusseldorf were furious to see this strange man on stage.

  23. joe

    The simple joy of a well-fitting butt plug.

  24. Oscar

    McDonald’s + MacGyver = sadness

  25. kimmykimkim

    He should MacGyver himself a better body.

  26. dontkillthemessenger

    I guess you can make a quarter pounder and fries from 3 gum wrappers and a rubber band.

  27. Dick Hell

    Grease him down, we can’t allow him to get his fat ass stuck in the Stargate again.

  28. Sound Off

    Chaz Bono has really aged since Dancing with the Star.

  29. Schweddy Schnatch

    Kenny Rogers looks so much better without a beard!!!

  30. He’d better stop picking the lock at the Dairy Queen.

  31. rawfodog

    Lets see… Big MacGyver? Richard Dean Sanderson? Colonel O’Meal? This has suddenly become too easy.

  32. Cardiff Giant

    The AIDS haven’t seem to affect Jim J. Bullock one bit.

  33. Urvag

    Wow has Jack Black aged….wait…what?

  34. “Using a strip of duct tape, a matchbook, and the lead from a #2 pencil, I was able to fashion this nifty lanyard!”

    Hey, I just noticed he’s wearing a Sea Shepherds t-shirt. Way to go, Rich!

  35. “What? No, not fucking Brian Dennehy!”

  36. Ladies pinch, whores use rouge.

  37. tlmck

    Residuals must buy lots of food.

  38. mbcl


  39. squishy

    Love that man, no matter what!!

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