1. EricLr

    Diamonds are Forever, but youth isn’t.

  2. Cock Dr

    No matter what your gender things sag as you get older.

    • Dick Hell

      True. You might think that unlike some of his contemporaries he isn’t wearing his pants up to his chest… but he is.

  3. Kinda bummed to see this.

  4. mrsmass

    I need some solid evidence that this is actually Sean Connery.

  5. it had to be said

    These comments. They’re bringing a knife to a gun fight. You go after Connery, you KILL Connery. THAT’S the Chicago way.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I think the line was actually, “They’re bringing a 110 year-old to an 80 year-old fight”.

  6. m3essential

    getsh the fuck off my lawnsh!

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Milkman thou art and to milkman thou shalt return

  8. Shouldnt he be on the balcony at the muppet show?!?

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    You know what? At age 80 (or whatever), he’s still 100x cooler than any of the 20-something asshats rolling out in their canned “I’m a tough guy” looks in movies today.

  10. Anthony

    Wow it looks like he’s finally starting to age. He’s been 50ish the past 30 years.

  11. I think I passed him in the street yesterday. I was all, “Out of my way, grandpa, you’re walking too slow and I need to get someplace.” I had no idea.

  12. He looks ready to choke a bitch.

  13. Nothing personal Sean but this is cheering me up.

    All those girls my age who used to say “I’d do him… tee hee hee”. Would they STILL?? Suddenly I’m looking like a much better option.

  14. Smapdi

    “Bond. Gold Bond. Where the damn Gold Bond analgesic foot cream for my aching feet?”

  15. Pierce Bronzetan

    THIS is how you’re supposed to age. Like a human being. Not some wind-tunnel faced, asiatic-eyed, collagen-lipped, no-forehead-movement creature. It’s called age people. I can guarantee you every time he pulls a grey hair from his shoulder, he just has to think about all the pussy he’s wetted through the ages. Google him under images. The guy was a goddamn hunk.

  16. Sean Connery IS Abe Vigoda

  17. James Stirred

    I would not mind looking like that when I am 81. If I ever get to be 81.

  18. Bantam

    Do you exshpect me to age well? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

  19. James Stirred

    Connery has not been in a movie for the past 10 years, since filming The League of the Extraordinary Men in 2002, so you people have not seen him since then, which explains why he seems to have aged “all of a sudden”.

  20. The Pope

    “What did he write on your picture?”
    “Stay the fuck off my lawn!”

  21. Sound Off

    Excuse me Miss Money Penny… have you see my teeth. I’d like them soaked when you find them.

  22. He may be old now, but he’ll still kick our collective asses whilst seducing our women.

  23. journalschism

    Looks like the Daily Kos, ‘Say what now, Mitt?’ guy:

  24. Jill

    “I don’t know the question Alex, but the answer is… your mother’s a whore!”

  25. Adam

    Nothing funny or insulting to say about Sean Con’. Just respect.

  26. Urvag

    Looks like his claymation is starting to wear off…

  27. tlmck

    Wilford Brimley’s “diahbeetus” has taken it’s toll.

  28. Kat

    Still awesome.

  29. When being interviewed by Barbara Walters (I think) he was asked if it was true he’d been known to strike his wife. He replied, “But not with a closed hand. I’m NOT an animal.”

  30. KC

    I mustache you a question, but I forgot what it was.

  31. sexjihaad911

    Double Oh SEVEN……………TY

  32. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/19/meme7-340_425.jpg[/img]

  33. JANE

    THIS IS A LIE!!! I refuse to believe this is Sean Connery.

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