1. Fedora and V neck T?

    Looking GREAT!

  2. EricLr

    He should probably wear something that makes him look like less of an asshole, maybe a SS uniform.

  3. “No one knows who the hell I am, and I aim to keep it that way!”

  4. grandpa hat + grandma glasses… how could you possibly lose??

  5. metoo


  6. Frank Burns

    You’d smirk all the time too if you were the guy nailing Nina Dobrev.

  7. catapostrophe

    Grey douche.

  8. In order to stay anonymous so no one would fuck with him, he disguised himself as Justin Timberlake. Duh!

  9. Adam

    This was right before his dubstep blaring Pabst Blue Ribbon escort truck arrived.

  10. ChickenHawk

    “I have mastered the shit-eating grin…”

  11. uhuh

    gay pride.

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