1. Texting his publicist to find out why no one told him this was a film festival not a food drive. “Well why the fuck is it called Cans then!”

  2. I hope I never, EVER have to tuck my stomach in.

  3. He’s looking for that belt extension app.

  4. EricLr

    Oh god, please let their be a Pizza Hut nearby.

  5. it had to be said

    Think of how much of Hollywood has had to fight that to blow him . . .

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Putting on a pound a minute. Must find the antidote. Jason Statham stars in… FAT!

  7. “Let’s see…Chick fil A….Chick fil A….HERE IT IS!!”

  8. Really? You’re all surprised Harvey Weinstein turned out be fat?

  9. I was expecting to see something like this in Octomom’s bikini pics.

  10. Smapdi

    I don’t know how his latest movie productions are coming along, but his spare tire project appears to be a giant success.

  11. Aaaaaaaand there goes dinner…

  12. metoo

    Is that a c-section scar?

  13. Pierce Bronzetan

    Picture that thing on top of Gretchen Mol. Try doing that without puking.

  14. catapostrophe

    That fold is something else altogether.

  15. Dick Hell

    There’s a simple reason fat guys’ pants tend to creep down… they’re trying to get away.

  16. Johnny P!

    Fucking revolting.

  17. Adam

    Why is he wearing a dress shirt over that flesh-coloured hoody?

  18. Mike Walker

    His belly has its own mouth. I bet he just shovels food in there like coal into a steam engine.

  19. Hm. I always though ol’ Harvey Scissorhands would be leaner.

  20. bigalkie

    Hey Carny,

    What’s the name of that Dr.?

  21. Disgusting. One of the dynamic duo who ridicule and berate people on a regular? grotesque.

  22. tlmck

    The antithesis of the Mila Kunis picture.

  23. Swearin

    And now we see why this man greenlit a movie in the mid-90′s with a 10 min conversation about McDonald’s hamburgers

  24. “I don’t know exactly…some old ruins. Just get me a large combo with anchovies, ASAP!”

  25. New pilot: ‘Requiem for a Belt.’

  26. your mum

    sad fact- that disgusting turd will get more pussy in the next 5 minutes at canne than the cumulative total in your entire lives…just cos of the fucking name weinstein. #fucked world we live in

  27. That looks like 300 lbs of chewed bubble gum.

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