1. “Stop thinking titty fuck.

    Titty fuck.

    Damn it!”

  2. Even he’s wondering where those came from.

  3. bell

    lol@ men

  4. EricLr

    I’ll put them on display and then get pissed if anyone looks at them.

  5. Cock Dr

    I cannot blame him….where’d those come from? They popped up overnight like mushrooms.

  6. FruitLoop

    Well, it’s a good sign he still likes to look at ‘em even in public, since Kruger is his girlfriend.

    He’s already seen them in a dress, out of a dress, in the shower, and probably even put a few pop-shots all over them. Hollywood couples and relationships are all doomed to failure, but maybe shes try’n hard to keep his eyes and cock off the other chicks.

  7. He dropped a Milk Dud in there…

  8. “That looks like Nic Cages semen…”

  9. He’s cool enough to stare at it in public. Like a boss.

  10. He did alright for himself considering he’s the-other-one-from-that-show-a-long-time-ago.

  11. neo_v

    he’s got a fringe event starting in his pants

  12. Great job landing her, Pacey! That is one helluva push up bra though.

  13. He’s contemplating the feat of engineering it took to make them titties all perky like that.

  14. Frank Burns

    Not as hot as Jada Pinkett

  15. The Pope

    “Trust me, nobody is going to say a thing about your hair.”

  16. Mickey01232000

    It looks like Joshua has two things on his mind!

  17. Franka

    Talk about Busted!

  18. Thought Bubble:

    “They’re not that big at home…and her coffee doesn’t taste that good, either…”

  19. Pipedreamer

    That reminds me… I have to rotate my tires this weekend.

  20. ChickenHawk

    “That’s six months of Fringe paychecks well spent…”

  21. tlmck

    Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness installed in their chest.

  22. squishy

    “That women at the store was right, always buy your sweetheart one size smaller!!” ~sigh~

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