1. Dali

    Dear Lara-

    Brigitte Bardot called. She wants her look back.


  2. EricLr

    The tits say yes, but the eyes say “red flag!!”

  3. skunk

    nice cans at cannes

  4. A little more eyeliner would’ve done the trick

  5. Needs to cultivate some eyebrows on that Neanderthal brow. That’s a hard face to love.

  6. The dress is so wrinkly and ill fitting; she needs to learn how to wrangle those jugs!

  7. I didn’t think there was anyone who thought “You know whose look I should steal? Vanessa Paradis. She looks good.” But there it is….

  8. metoo

    “Walmart list: iron, eyeliner”…

  9. Cock Dr

    Not as hot as Jada Pinkett

  10. kimmykimkim

    I’ll be the cumdumpster

  11. Now that I think of it, when are the Golden Globes?

  12. One of the finest looking chicks to be posted on this site.

  13. Notice there is no iPhone in her hand….it’s between her teeth.

  14. well

    I know I have to preface this by saying that although I am a woman, I am not at all jealous…nor am I fat or a loser…because usually when I comment on the way another woman looks, I get remarks saying that I am “catty” or “hating” or my favorite—obese. I am quite skinny with great tits and can appreciate another woman’s beauty just as much as the next guy, but, come on…everything about her is eeewww.

  15. JANE

    No idea who she is, great boobs… face has to go

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