1. Dali

    she looks good.

  2. EricLr

    Hey, remember me? Yeah, you do! Come on, think!

  3. it had to be said

    I am pretty sure the things I would do to her are illegal in 41 states and 103 countries.

  4. Seems always to have a strained expression.
    Not unlike Mariska Hargitay.

  5. I’d like to spank her for being a good wife

  6. Mwaddams

    She is looking better now that the Botox is wearing off on her forehead.

  7. Turk

    She looks like Quagmire.

  8. joe

    Classy and hot. Rare in Hollyweird.

  9. CranberryblogsandCAwhines

    Hmmm, not the best wrinkle cream spokesperson.

  10. Hey, Julie. I know you’re 45 years old, and believe me, you look great. How about stripping down giving us a gander at that 45 year old body.

    I think you. Nestles thanks you.

  11. Perky tits. I like.

  12. Debutante

    She looks great – awesome dress.

  13. thespiral

    This woman is 20 years older than Lena Dunham.

    That is all.

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