1. Employee

    got traded back to team LA-sagna

  2. Lena Dunham is also a dodgers fan?

  3. He looks like he’s wondering why Brad Pitt stopped returning his calls.

  4. EricLr

    Found out skinny and weird didn’t pay as well as fat and funny, huh?

  5. Cock Dr

    Someone just couldn’t take going to bed hungry any longer.
    It’s ok…he’s a comedian, he can get away with a lot more than your average SAG joe.

  6. I think he is twins and they just share the load.

  7. That was short lived.

  8. I knew his cake-magnet hands would betray him sooner or later

  9. Isn’t there a happy medium between Chris Farley and Chris Rock?

  10. metoo

    “Who do I gotta blow for some McNuggets around here?”

  11. Art Crow

    Yup, still fat and unfunny. Shoot me.

  12. Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was Michael Moore.

  13. Cardiff Giant

    He must really love candy hearts

  14. a13e

    does that tattoo say I love pie?

  15. “Ball four…take your base…”

  16. he’s on the Carnie Wilson diet

  17. bigalkie

    I figured that this babe would be frolicking topless on some billionaires yacht in Cannes about now.

  18. I really do prefer a fat Jonah Hill. A skinny Jonah Hill is just…wrong.

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