1. Cock Dr

    There’s a man who really does need all those hair maintenance products.

  2. 7 of these items are going in his ass. The other one is an iPhone.

  3. Did he gain weight?

  4. That’s an impressive strand of anal beads.

  5. Ash

    Ian is not gay you weirdos. He’s just gorgeous.

  6. He’s gonna wash that girl right outta his hair.

  7. “Ian, This is your agent. Put down the powder doughnuts and go to the gym.”

  8. All duded up for a night on the town, I see.

  9. More like Ian Smolderharder amirite?

  10. tlmck

    Receiving instructions of which tampons to get.

  11. Being a little overweight doesn’t suit him at all.

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