1. Dude, the dog is not helping…

  2. Deacon Jones

    Well i dont know about you guys, but he’s definitely not gay after seeing this picture…

  3. Fun fact…that’s not a dog. It’s his pet hamster.

  4. celebutard

    Did this picture come from one of those ‘dogs that look like their owners’ websites?

  5. juju

    Yo Dawg , I heard you like pugs. So I put a pug near another pug.

  6. tlmck

    Looks like they are both looking for a fire hydrant.

  7. He looks just like that peculiar little kid who used to walk around the playground hacking lungers and blowing his nose on totally used up Kleenex.

  8. “I fought back against those gay rumors by getting a French bulldog. It’s the manliest purse dog.”

  9. His penis can be nearly seen.

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