1. I love how her hair just flows off her boobs…
    I love boobs is what I’m getting at…

  2. Sofia Vergara’s Mexican upfronts at the USA upfronts.

  3. Pretty sure it would only take about 45 minutes for those eyebrows to grow together if she let it happen.

  4. Her face looks like she had some work done.

  5. It’s the Joker’s long lost sister.

  6. While she is very pretty and sexy as hell (read: nice tits), she’s beginning to bore the living shit right out of me. Enough already!

  7. those eyebrows are too much…she looks like a cat, never found her face attractive

  8. Phoenix

    Professional Hispanic! Annoying, nasal voice that can barely pronounce half the words in her handed to her, yet her ethnicity enables her to STILL get jobs as a celebrity SPOKESWOMAN! And before you say it’s her boobs and/or body, there are FAR better looking women in Hollywood, or even plenty that look AS good, that can manage to put together English sentences with no problem or “Nanny voice”. Ridiculous!

  9. Phoenix

    …And Charro did it better the first time.

  10. Skeeter

    She’s overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I’d tear her anus up but aside from her tits, she’s very average.

  11. Pete

    When is she going to come out & admit she’s a tranny?

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