1. “I have aids…”
    “I know….”

  2. Syph Phallus

    Whores gonna whore!

    • CrashHell

      Yeah, that whole “Crissy Teigan” thing has me confused. This is a whore? Ho? Slut? Ho Slut Whore-bag? Role Model?

  3. Little did River know, her herpes cannon was already drawing aim.

  4. Shh..listen. You can actually hear the contagion spreading.

  5. Tiggles

    Well past her prime, Hilton now subdues males using a Muy Thai double knee strike, while at the same time breaking the neck. Stunned and paralyzed, males are then taken to a basement studio and forced to hear Hilton sing “Stars Are Blind”.

  6. Jeeze.. Geta room, then lock yourselves in it. Forever.

  7. Sometimes this woman forgets herself, and where she is. Case in point: she seems to be wearing panties. What the fuck’s that all about?

  8. tlmck

    I guess the kid is still confused about his sexuality.

  9. After all the Farrah Abraham coverage, this is like looking at a picture of two Amish kids reading the Bible together.

  10. AnnaD.

    She’s using her hypno-eyes to immobilize him before contamination.

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