1. SIN

    Looks like her Depends are full.

  2. Some famous people have body guards. Nicki Minaj has a spotter.

  3. woah

    i’ve never believed ass-enhancement rumors ever. not even kim.

    but i’d be darned if these tires haven’t been inflated

  4. Those pants left behind a suicide note in the drawer they came out of.

  5. alex

    I knew she was black. I knew it!

  6. Woone P. Tiggins

    “Mr. President, we must evacuate now. That thing could blow any minute!”

  7. She definitely had ass and breast implants. There are pictures of her before and after the surgeries. Most of her body is fake.

  8. jonesy

    This whole giant ass fad is wearing real thin.

  9. Better have a ‘backup cam’ installed in that thing.

  10. Jentilly

    If he removes his hand she’ll topple over

  11. “Are you okay Nicki?”
    “Yeah. My feet were cold so I buckled two rabbits to them.”

  12. Nicely-shaped ass, but someone needs to tell her butts aren’t supposed to be the size of wrecking balls.

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